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Sing it!
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Sing it!
My Belly Button Needs Air
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Cleverteez.com is the latest creation of eBiz Miami, Inc. Started on a whim as a test site for a client, it’s now in full bloom as a stand-alone business for the whimsical audiences out there, in need of a more direct way of expressing themselves.

Cleverteez.com is taking memes to a next level. Coming up with our witty ones, or just “stealing” the more popular ones out there, we print them on top quality apparel, and offer them to those of you who feel the need to express yourselves on a more “in your face” way.

Make people smile or laugh out loud. Give the gift of a better mood to yourself or a loved one, show your penchant for clever memes and wear our funny, witty t-shirts, hats and more whenever you feel like. Stay on the lighter side of life!